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Repurposing AKT Inhibitors for the Treatment of Protein Misfolding and Protein Trafficking Diseases
WSU researchers have generated a reagent to understand the degenerative processes occurring in Pelizaeus‑Merzbacher disease (PMD) and to study the intracellular signaling that occurs because of these diseased processes. They have deduced that the use of AKT inhibitors may reduce disease severity in patients with a wide range of degenerative diseases. Background...
Published: 2/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Alexander Gow, Cherie Southwood
Keywords(s): Alzheimer's Disease, Anti-cancer, Neuro-disorders, Parkinson's
Category(s): Life Science, Neurological disorders, Therapeutics, Diseases
CNS Compounds Specific for the Monoamine Transporter Systems
This invention includes novel compounds that have neuropharmacological activity with the dopamine receptor and the method of using them to treat central nervous system disorders. Background & Unmet Need: The dopamine transporter (DAT) plays an important role in processes of the central nervous system. In cocaine addiction, binding of cocaine...
Published: 2/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Aloke Dutta
Keywords(s): Addiction Treatment, Antidepressants, Neuroscience, Parkinson's
Category(s): Therapeutics, Life Science, Diseases, Neurological disorders