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Peptides Representing Genus-Specific Chlamydial Antigens for Vaccine Peptide Vaccines for Chlamydia to be Delivered Orally or by Other Mucosal Routes
Wayne State University inventors have developed several peptide Chlamydia vaccine candidates that are genus specific, conformational, and easy to manufacture. Background & Unmet Need: Despite increased surveillance and treatment, Chlamydial genital tract infections continue to rise. It is estimated that over 20 million new cases of infection...
Published: 12/7/2022   |   Inventor(s): Judith Whittum-Hudson, Alan Hudson
Keywords(s): Vaccines
Category(s): Biologicals, Life Science, Therapeutics, Vaccines
Method to Produce Immunostimulatory Proteins and Tether Them to the Membrane of Enveloped Virus Vaccines
This technology is a method to produce immunostimulatory cytokine proteins and tether them to the membrane of enveloped virus vaccines produced in cell culture in order to improve vaccine efficacy. Background & Unmet Need: The successful elimination of pathogens following immunization depends on the ability of the host's immune system to become...
Published: 3/2/2022   |   Inventor(s): Roy Sundick, Paul Roberts, Yufang Yang
Keywords(s): Method, Vaccines, Virus
Category(s): Therapeutics, Life Science, Vaccines
Gene for Chicken Interleukin 15...
Our researchers have cloned chicken IL-15 and related avian lymphokines for use as avian vaccine adjuvants. The inventors have shown experimentally that chicken IL-15 can enhance vaccine effectiveness in chickens. Background & Unmet Need: Most chickens produced in developed countries for consumption and egg-laying (at least 10 billion per year)...
Published: 8/28/2019   |   Inventor(s): Roy Sundick, Lily Jones, David Smith
Keywords(s): DNA, Vaccines
Category(s): Life Science, Therapeutics, Vaccines