Level of Galectin-3 protein in human blood improves PSA test results

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Level of Galectin-3 Protein in Human Blood Improves PSA Test Results  

WSU Tech#: 13-1133

Technology Summary:

For determining prostate cancer aggressiveness, PSA alone is not reliable, as it gives a high number of false positive and false negative results.  There are about 25,000 publications on other markers in addition to PSA and as of yet, none of these has turned out to be anything of significance.


Overall level of Gal-3 (total) is associated with higher levels of PSA.  Gal-3 is cleaved by active PSA at Tyr185.  This up-regulates Gal-3 expression levels.  We are looking at total Gal-3 levels in the blood to either augments PSA as a diagnostics or possibly use as stand-alone diagnostic.  Possibly look at phosphorylated Gal-3 as a better diagnostic for prostate cancer (need Antibody).  Have Monoclonal antibody that binds to the Tyr185 site that can determine the phosphorylation and infer cleaved state.


Competitive Advantages


Genomic Health, Agendia and Armune all have their own diagnostic for prostate cancer occurrence or recurrence.


Benefit Analysis:


The prostate cancer field is active for PSA alternatives but nothing has won market approval at this time.  There are an estimated 239,000 new cases of prostate cancer in the US in 2013, with an estimated 29,720 deaths.  About 30 million PSA tests were performed last year in the United States at an average reimbursement of $30 per test. This is a $900 million market in the United States alone.  An Add-on or replacement test that increases accuracy may be worth $3+ billion dollar market in the US.

Stage of Development: Clinical


Patent Status:


Through the Office of Technology Commercialization at Wayne State University, we have filed an extensive and detailed patent application to the USPTO office. This is a detailed methods and composition of matter application with both specific and fairly broad claims. The filing contains definitions for of the technology discoveries, assays and uses for the technology; which will provide a strong intellectual property position.


Licensing Opportunity:

WSU is looking for a commercial partners interested in furthering the validation of this technology.

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