User-Friendly Displays of Patient-Reported Outcome Data

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User-Friendly Displays of Patient-Reported Outcome Data  

WSU Tech#: 14-1216

Technology Summary:

Patients can use tablet devices to take daily web based surveys regarding symptoms.  Algorithm analyzes and transforms data into a single display of patient reported outcomes.  This operationalizes subjective qualitative patient-reported information (quality of life, pain, symptoms, etc.) and combines it with objective quantitative data (lab values, imaging results, etc.) to generate a custom report.  Physicians can quickly reference to determine patient progression or regression and make rapid health care treatment decisions.

Improves Patient-Provider Communications


Competitive Advantages


Allows for data to be presented visually for rapid assessment versus having to pull the data from patient charts, read clinical values versus ranges or calculate outcomes, which is current practice.


Benefit Analysis:


The technology has a general format that can be customized to collect and display a wide array of data.  The technology can also be customized to make statistical comparisons, calculations and extrapolations with some basic programming effort.   For general use in clinical trial ? Automated data composition and easy to track software use for licensing.  For the clinical trials market, in 2010, spending on clinical research exceeded $35 billion, and clinical grant spending topped $11 billion.  

Stage of Development:


Commercial Development (primarily dealing with a graphic user interface)


Patent Status:


Not patented.  Technology available by MTA.


Licensing Opportunity:

WSU is looking for a commercial partners interested in furthering the validation of this technology.



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Ken Massey
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Felicity Harper
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