Topical treatment with TGFbeta3 to facilitate skin and corneal wound healing in diabetic patients

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Diabetes affects approximately 170 million people worldwide, including 20.8 million in the USA, and by 2030 these numbers are projected to double.  Diabetics often experience slow or limited wound healing. Slow wound healing allows longer time for the development of infections and can contribute to the formation of bed sores and ulcers. Foot ulcers in diabetics are the most common foot injury leading to leg amputation. Many diabetics also suffer from diabetic neuropathies and ocular complications, often leading to reduced vision and/or blindness. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness around the world .


WSU researchers have discovered that  TGF-β3 activity is required for proper wound healing and have developed a genome-wide transcriptional analysis of differentially expressed genes in diabetic (DM), non-diabetic (NL), normal/unwounded (UW) and wounded/healing (WH) tissue allowing creation of a panel of biomarkers for the diagnosis of diabetes. The transcriptional analysis also allows for the development of compositions to treat negative effects of diabetes. In particular embodiments, the compositions and methods promote wound healing or re-epithelialization in diabetics. The compositions and methods reduce the negative effects of diabetic neuropathies, in particular by promoting wound healing or re- epithelialization. Additional formulations of the compositions and methods promote health of the eye and maintenance of eye sight in diabetics.

Commercial Applications:

· Diabetes treatment for wound healing and eye health

· Diabetes diagnosis

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Competitive Advantages:

· Novel and more precise diagnosis of diabetes

· More effective treatment of diabetic wound healing

· Can detect diabetic retinopathy at earlier stages than currently available methods


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