Integrated Optical Polarizer for Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguides

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Integrated optics based on silicon-on-insulator platforms are developing extremely fast due to technological compatibility with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) fabrication process widely accepted in microelectronics. 

Wayne State researchers have developed a technology which generates an integrated optical polarizer for high index contrast SOl waveguides, which operates through resonant coupling of TM-polarized guided mode to a high-index mode supported by a nanoscale metal dielectric multilayer, such as gap plasmon-polariton. 

This new technology of several nano-scale metal-dielectric layers on top of a SOI waveguide enables the integrated optical polarizer’s to be integrated into many silicon photonic devices.  

Commercial Applications

• Fiber-optic communications industry

• Integrated optical systems, including optical multiplexers/ demultiplexers using array waveguide gratings, integrated optical modulators, filters, interferometers

Competitive Advantages

• Strong coupling together with high optical losses allows for operation with a 3 times wider spectrum range 

• Footprint is 5 times smaller compared to competitive devices


I.Avrutsky, I. Sala'khutdinov, J. Elser, V. Podolskiy, "Highly confined optical modes in nano scale metal-dielectric multilayers," Physical Review B, 75, Art. No. 241402  R  (2007).

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