Antibodies to a Novel Cell Cycle and Apoptosis Regulatory Protein (CARP) -1

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Wayne State University researchers have identified a novel cDNA which encodes a pro-apoptotic protein called CARP-1 (Cell Cycle and Apoptosis Regulatory Protein-1), which is expressed in many cancer cell types including breast and colon carcinoma cells.  This novel cDNA can be used as a diagnostic and prognostic tool for many types of cancer.


Background & Unmet Need:

The natural and synthetic derivatives of vitamin A, called retinoids, are involved in many biological processes, including development, cellular proliferation and differentiation.  Retinoids function by binding to a number of receptors that regulate target gene expression.  Currently, the therapeutic efficacy of both natural and synthetic retinoids has been limited to the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia and premalignant processes. 


Technology Description:

Our researchers have hypothesized that CARP-1 stimulates apoptosis by inhibiting cell cycle progression and cell proliferation.  They have generated polyclonal antibodies to further study the functional properties of CARP-1 and its role in regulating cell cycle and apoptosis signaling pathways.  These antibodies can be used as diagnostic and prognostic tools for malignancies of the breast and colon.


Commercial Applications:

CARP‑1 specific polyclonal antibodies can be used:

  • As a diagnostic and prognostic tool for malignancies
  • To study the functional properties of CARP‑1 that plays a role in regulating proliferation of cancer cells

Stage of Development:

Preclinical; cellular studies performed


Competitive Advantages:

  • CARP‑1 is a novel molecule with a role in signaling pathways regulating cancer cell apoptosis
  • The antibodies serve as a unique reagent to conduct in-depth studies involving properties of CARP‑1 and cancer cell death

Intellectual Property Status:

No patent information available


Related Publications or Citations of Work:

Rishi AK, Zhang L, Boyanapalli M, Wali A, Mohammad RM, Yu Y, Fontana JA, Hatfield JS, Dawson MI, Majumdar AP, Reichert U. (2003) Identification and characterization of a cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory protein-1 as a novel mediator of apoptosis signaling by retinoid CD437. J Biol Chem. 278(35):33422-35


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