Microvascular Pericytes are Adult Pluripotential Stem Cells

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WSU researchers have identified capillary pericytes, a cell type found in the central nervous system, as having pluripotent stem cell capabilities, which could be important to future research studies and therapeutic strategies.


Background & Unmet Need:

The presence of adult multipotent i.e., stem cells, has been demonstrated in a large number of tissues, including bone marrow, blood, liver, muscle, the nervous system, and adipose tissue.  These adult stem cells, which in theory are capable of infinite self-renewal, have great cell plasticity.  The properties of adult stem cells, which are similar to those of embryonic stem cells (ES), open up considerable therapeutic possibilities, particularly as their use does not pose the problems of compatibility and ethics encountered with ES cells. 


Technology Description:

This technology is a method of promoting perictye differentiation by selectively culturing pericytes in an enriched environment, thereby creating a source of adult stem cells.  The technology provides access to experimental protocols and eliminates the need for bone marrow in potential therapeutic applications.

Commercial Applications:

  • Research tool for anticancer therapy
  • System for drug testing


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Competitive Advantages:

  • New therapeutic possibilities without the compatibility and ethical problems associated with embryonic stem cells


Intellectual Property Status:

Patent application filed


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