Mannich Bases of Conjugated Styryl Ketones

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Human infectious diseases caused by fungi have increased markedly during the past 10 years due mainly to advances in medical care that involve prolonged immune suppression increased use of cytotoxic drugs in cancer chemotherapy and the advent of AIDS. As a result organisms such as Candida albicans have become opportunistic pathogens capable of causing severe systemic infection. Consequently as high as 10% of hospital-acquired bloodstream infections are currently caused by fungi yet there have been few major improvements in the treatment and management of fungal infections. The emergence of resistance to commonly used antifungals has exacerbated this situation. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan working in cooperation with Wayne State University have developed novel antifungals which are more effective than Fluconazole against several yeasts and molds. Of particular interest is the activity of certain of the compounds against C. krusei C. gabrata C. lusitaniae and A. fumigatus isolates that are resistant to conventional antifungal agents.
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