Development of a High Strength High Toughness (HSHT) Bainitic Steel

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This invention is a unique composition of steel when subjected to a non-conventional austempering process results in the following physical property advantages over high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel:
- Twice the strength
- Almost three times the fracture toughness

Austempering is a process typically used to produce specialty cast iron products but is not employed in the processing of steel. The austempering process that is unique to this invention alters both the temperature and time profiles of iron austempering to increase nucleation sites resulting in a finer grain microstructure that is responsible for the superior physical properties of this High Strength High Toughness (HSHT) Bainitic Steel.

HSLAs are used in a number of applications and structures that are required to handle large amounts of stress often at very low temperatures. Examples included automotive and agricultural components bridges railway defense construction and mining applications. This invention will be valued in those applications that will benefit from even greater strength and fracture toughness than HSLA. Patent protection is pending.
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