CJ4.1A and CJ4.3C Rat Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Lines

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CJ4.1A and CJ4.3C Rat Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Lines  

WSU Tech#: 15-1256

Technology Summary:

CJ4.1A and CJ4.3C are rat conjunctival epithelial cell lines. The cell lines were developed to investigate antigen translocation across a mucosal barrier. Conjuctival epithelial cells from Fischer 344 rats were immortalized with pSV3(neo) resulting in cell lines CJ4.1A and CJ4.3C. Cells express SV40 T-Antigen, conjunctiva specific cytokeratin 4, goblet cell specific cytokeratin 7 and negative for epithelial cell-specific cytokeratin 12.  The cells were passaged over 60 times with established doubling times.


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Benefit Analysis:


These are the only rat conjunctival cell lines known to inventors. They are useful in studying/modeling the conjunctival epithelial barrier. Studying the ability of soluble and particulate antigens ability to cross the conjunctival barrier.

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No further development planned.


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Controlled by NDA.


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WSU is looking for a commercial partners interested in furthering the validation of this technology and bringing the technology to market.  The inventors would be open to assist in the generation of SBIR/STTR  grants to fund the further development of this technology.



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