Ambulatory systemic blood pressure telemonitoring

Case ID:

A non-invasive sensor method to determine ambulatory systemic blood pressure in the adult or pediatric population through the use of telemonitoring.

Background & Unmet Need:

Currently, non-invasive systems to measure blood pressure suffer from inaccuracies.  They can vary significantly and there is no easy-to-use accurate way to determine ambulatory blood pressures in children for an extended period of time.


Technology Description:

Our researchers have developed a device that measures systemic blood pressure rather than peripheral vascular pressures.  The new method and device determine the pressures to which heart and lungs are actually exposed.  Determination of blood pressure will be through a centralized location using telemonitoring, thus allowing standardization.  This approach is applicable for use with pediatric and adult populations with the potential to become the standard of care for all populations throughout the world.


Commercial Applications:

  • Blood pressure device
  • Clinical and non-clinical settings – only requires internet connection


Stage of Development:



Competitive Advantages:

The current “gold standard” for non-invasive blood pressure measuring is the oscillometric method, which requires inflating a cuff around the arm.  Our sensor based technology will:


  • Eliminate common errors such as cuff size, auscultation / interpretation of sounds for estimating BP associated with traditional blood pressure management
  • Decrease other known operator-associated errors with BP measurement
  • Measure blood pressure by heart sounds that correlate more closely with central BP (which is proposed to be a better indicator of cardiovascular mortality associated with hypertension)
  • Provide a continuous, easy to use method for measuring blood pressure in children
  • Improve patient outcomes by providing continuous telemonitoring to health care professionals


Intellectual Property Status:

Patents Pending 

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For Information, Contact:
Nicole Grynaviski
Commercialization Principal
Wayne State University
Sean Wu
Gaurav Kapur
Yong Xu
Lingguang Chen
William Lyman
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