Microfluidic platforms for live-cell imaging and bio/pathomimetic tissue models

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Methodologies to image and quantify tissue models using  high-content analysis (HCI) and functional analyses of 3D avatars are needed as such avatars better recapitulate the phenotype of pathobiological processes and better predict efficacy of, and resistance to, a wide variety of therapies. Furthermore, changes in morphometry, viability, proliferation, proteolysis and invasive phenotype can be visualized in 3D cultures as can spatiotemporal and dynamic interactions among cells in 3D cultures/co-cultures.



Dr. Sloane’s laboratory has pioneered techniques for functional live-cell imaging in pathomimetic avatars. The Wayne State team has designed a new research tool that is a fabricated modular reusable culture chambers that support growth of 3D cultured tissue avatars for at least 70 days. It also provides live-cell monitoring of the avatars in real-time by HCI, non-invasive functional analyses and also model noncellular aspects of the tissue micro-environment. The 3D pathomimetic avatars can be used for studying various aspects of tumor biology, including proteolytic activity and has enabled the robust recapitulation in vitro of a wide array of factors of the in vivo tumor microenvironment. Hence, avatars such as the MAME and TAME models developed by WSU, represent a powerful modality enabling study of complex co-cultures, long-term analysis of proteolysis and secreted factors (e.g., cytokines), and have the potential to be useful as a drug screening platform. 


Commercial Applications:

- Modular reusable culture chambers that support growth of 3D cultured tissue avatars for live-cell monitoring and functional analyses

- Improved method of determining the efficacy and potential resistance of tumors to cancer therapies.

- Drug /biomarkers screening platform.


Stage of Development:

Pre-clinical; Proof of Concept-Prototype


Competitive Advantages:

Modular reusable microfluidic 3D tissue culture chambers for real-time live-cell monitoring useful for virus, toxicity tests and immunocytological experiments, convenient for staining and microscopic examination without cell/tissue transfer.


Patent Status: US10227556B2




Mansoureh Sameni, Arulselvi Anbalagan, Mary B. Olive, Kamiar Moin, Raymond R. Mattingly, and Bonnie F. Sloane J Vis Exp. 2012; (60): 3661. doi: 10.3791/3661


Anita Chalasani, Kyungmin Ji, Mansoureh Sameni, Samia H. Mazumder, Yong Xu, Kamiar Moin, and Bonnie F. Sloane Methods Mol Biol. 2017; 1574: 215–225. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-6850-3_16




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