Lyophilized Ready to Use & Load PCR Master Mix

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PCR and Enzyme Lyophilization and Stabilization Formulation  

WSU Tech#: 13-1183

Technology Summary:

Wayne State University has discovered methods in which to formulate PCR related enzymes and reagents so they can be lyophilized.  This stabilizes the proteins, nucleotides and buffers so they can be shipped and stored at room temperature.  Our research shows that they can be stored at room temperature for at least a year and reconstituted with water or buffer without any loss of activity or efficiency.  This can save money and valuable refrigerator/freezer space by allowing the mix to be at room temperature. 


Competitive Advantages


No competitors found for this formulation.


Benefit Analysis:


Lyophilize PCR mix, other enzymes and preloaded plates.  No refrigeration needed, stable at room temperature for more than a year.  With this you can

  • Ship materials without being packed in ice, saving money and issues with materials getting held at customs. 
  • Plates and mixes can be stored on a shelf without taking up space in a refrigerator or freezer.  This can save space and thousands of dollars when plates are stored prior to shipping them to customers.
  • Save effort and space since the premixes can be stored within the plate.  This eliminates the need for large bulky kits with different components since they can be added directly to the well.
  • Easy use of the mix: Your customers only need to add water, primers and DNA sample, run PCR and directly load samples to agarose gel.

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Available for license, exclusive or non-exclusive.




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For Information, Contact:
Ken Massey
Wayne State University
Jian-Ping Jin