"Generation of an affinity-purified rabbit anti-CREBH polyclonal antibody"

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Generation of an Affinity-Purified Rabbit Anti-CREBH Polyclonal Antibody  

WSU Tech#: 15-1271

Technology Summary:

CREBH (also called CREB3L3) is a stress-inducible metabolic regulator that plays key roles in hepatic lipolysis, fatty acid oxidation, gluconeogenesis, and lipogenesis.  CREBH is critically involved in fatty liver disease and its associated metabolic syndrome.  CREBH is becoming a hot topic in the research fields of stress response and metabolism and an increasing numbers of research teams are working on this target/biomarker.


CREBH is a liver-specific bZIP transcription factor with molecular weights of 75 kD (precursor) and 50 kD (activated form).  Because liver possesses numerous bZIP transcription factors or nuclear receptors with the similar molecular weight and these factors are abundance in the liver, it has been a challenge to develop a highly specific anti-CREBH antibody.


Competitive Advantages


Although a number of anti-CREBH (CREB3L3) antibodies exist in the market, most of them are unspecific and of little perceived value.


Benefit Analysis:


Anti-CREBBH antibody recently developed exhibits high specificity and high titer, and can be used for a spectrum of molecular and cellular approaches (human and mouse) for:

·         Western blot analysis

·         Immunoprecipatition (IP)

·         IP-Western blot analysis

·         ChIP analysis.


Stage of Development: Available


This antibody has been non-exclusively licensed to Kerafast.


Patent Status:


No patents filed.  MTA required


Licensing Opportunity:

Available through Kerafast or distribution through a non-exclusive license.



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