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SH35/SH80 evolved from an effort to improve upon the anti-tumor activity of XK469.  XK469 is a compound, currently in Phase 1 clinical trials.  The clinical trials include patients with bladder, breast, colorectal, esophageal, head and neck, kidney, liver, lung, mesothelioma, pancreas and sarcoma cancers.  Moving a chlorine atom from one position to another destroys the anti-tumor activity and makes the compound an herbicide.  The inventors substituted several different atoms in a specified region of XK469 to determine if anti-tumor activity was enhanced or decreased.



By introducing a bromo compound to the designated site on XK469, (SH80) the inventors demonstrated greater anti-tumor activity as compared to one having a chloro (SH53) or fluoro compound added.  All 3 demonstrated anti-tumor activity and activity greater than the original compound XK469.


Competitive Advantages

- Compounds are more effective than the currently tested XK469

- Lower amount is required in order to see effect

- Possible lower side effects experienced

- SH80 is more stable

-Allows for longer-active dosing


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