3D Soundscaping

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Researchers at WSU have developed a 3D Soundscaping technology that enables one to take sound measurements to a new level by locating sound sources, visualize their resultant sound pressure fields in 3D space. In traditional sound sensing applications, sound is measured using microphones and sound pressure levels and spectra are measured at survey locations.

It is suitable for all types of sounds including continuous, transient, random, harmonic, impulsive, narrow- and broadband sounds. All this is done by using four microphones, thus significantly cutting the overall costs. Moreover, this new technology allows for an efficient 3D sound mapping in real time, which can be used to monitor hazardous noise exposure areas on a factory floor, construction site, etc.

Commercial Application

• Locating snipers, gun shots on a battle field

• Quick look at noise sources of vibrating machines

• Noise survey for highway traffic, airport, construction site, etc.

• Occupational hazardous noise exposure identification on a factory floor

• Monitoring and mitigating noise hazardous for mining and commercial industries

Competitive Advantages

• 3D sound pressure mapping in a portable device with self contained results

• Visualizing sound sources in real time

• Applicable for all types of sound signals

• Easy to setup, fast to operate, simple to understand, and very low cost

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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