Microfluidic Particle Concentration and Separator

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Researchers at the Wayne State University Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems (SSIM) laboratory have developed a micro-scale concentrator and separator applicable to several microfluidic applications. Initially the device was developed to concentrate and separate bacteria from other impurities to test water quality however the micro separator could have much broader applicability.

The device and its fabrication method are unique. The device is composed of a large array of identical flow units arranged in a stagger and cascade fashion. As fluid is introduced to the system and accelerated particle momentum causes the particles to separate from the fluid due to the device’s unique design. The microfluidic device can also be used to separate different species of particles by employing the dependence of the separation efficiency on the density and size. Denser and larger particles have higher momentum and are easier to separate. As the particle become smaller the fluid drag force becomes more important and suppresses the particle separation.

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Patent Issued: 7,837,944

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