Vibro-acoustic metamaterial with mass and flexible stem array

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WSU researchers have developed a novel device combining the effects of negative effective elastic modulus and negative effective mass, acting as local resonators that can damp out vibrations and sound at multiple frequencies. This class of metamaterials has the superior ability to attenuate sound and have a much greater ability to block dynamic disturbances. The design of the material can be tailored to cover a wide range of vibro-acoustic loads that cannot be handled by current conventional materials. 

Technology Overview:
Current dampening materials consist of foams and adhesives with certain dampening characteristics.  Metamaterials are innovative man-made materials that can have significant superior vibro-acoustic characteristics.  The WSU invention provides an acoustice metamaterial or absorbing sound or pressure.

Patent Pending 

Commercial Applications
·         Marine structures and ships
·         Buildings and civil engineering
·         Infrastructure
·         Industrial equipment
·         Sound dampening

Competitive Advantages
·         Superior ability to attenuate sound and block dynamic disturbances
·         Metamaterials can be tailored for a greater degree of performance that was not possible before



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