EL4-E2 Cell Line

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This technology is a targeted anti-HER2 cell line that can be used as a research tool to develop HER2‑based vaccines for the treatment of aggressive breast cancer.


Background & Unmet Need:

The human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2) is overexpressed in approximately 20-30% of all breast cancers and is associated with more aggressive and proliferative tumors.  Many patients with HER2‑overexpressing metastatic breast cancer will benefit from initial treatments such as administration of trastuzumab and other targeted therapies; however, most patients will eventually have progressive disease or the return of tumors.  HER2‑based vaccines have demonstrated enhanced anti‑tumor activity when combined with initial treatments.  Research models targeted by these HER2‑based vaccines would vastly improve our understanding of how HER2 immunotherapy works to fight against HER2 breast cancer.


Technology Description:

WSU researchers have developed a new EL4-E2 cell line that was created as a test target of HER2 vaccination or immunotherapy.  These cell lines help in the discovery of vaccines that will generate an anti-HER2 immune response that is hypothesized to protect patients from HER2‑overexpressing tumor growth.  Moreover, induction of an immunological tolerance against HER2 may lead to establishment of immune memory and prevent tumor regrowth.


Commercial Applications:

  • Research tool for the study of HER2 breast cancers


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Competitive Advantages:

  • Functions as targets of anti-HER2 immunotherapy


Intellectual Property Status:

No patent information available


Related Publications or Citations of Work:

Jacob, J., Kong, YM., Meroueh, C., Snower, DP., David, CS., Ho, YS and Wei, WZ., Control of Her-2 tumor immunity and thyroid autoimmunity by MHC and regulatory T cells, Cancer Res. 67:7020-7, 2007


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Nicole Grynaviski
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Wei-Zen Wei
Breast Cancer