First Row Transition Metal Diazadiene Film Growth Precursors

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Technology Overview


Wayne State University researchers have developed a new class of thermally stable, volatile transition chemical compounds that have desirable properties for the growth of thin films of transition metal-containing materials.  These novel film precursors have high potential for use in the growth of thin films by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), and related film growth technologies. 


ALD processes require precursors that are thermally stable at the deposition temperature.  Currently there are few precursors available that have sufficient thermal stability to be used in ALD.  Our compounds exhibit higher thermal stability than existing classes of precursors, allowing uses in both CVD and ALD.    


Commercial Applications


·         Growth of thin films by ALD or CVD


·         Manufacturing of microelectronics


·         Applications in the automotive, industrial, communication, and consumer electronics industries


Competitive Advantage


·         Our compounds exhibit higher thermal stability than existing classes of film growth precursors, making them suitable to a wider range of applications.


Patent Status

 Patent Pending


Market Status/Potential Competitive Landscape


·          The microelectronics industry is very interested in ALD precursors for use in thin film battery applications


·         ALD processes have been successfully demonstrated for several metal compounds, but for only very few pure metals



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