A Diagnostic Marker for Matrix Metalloprotease (MMP)-2 and -9 Activity in Cancer Tissue

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This invention is a new and simple method for the identification of active versus latent matrix metalloprotease enzymes (MMPs) in tissue.


Background & Unmet Need:

MMPs are involved in tumor progression and therefore are targets for anti-cancer drug therapies. However, most drug therapies directed at inhibition of MMPs have failed because there is no reliable biomarker to determine MMP activity in tissue.  This invention provides a reliable diagnostic tool to monitor MMP activity for clinical trials of MMP inhibitors.


Technology Description:s

Using differential specific antibodies targeted to the biomarker of interest, WSU researchers have developed a method to identify whether MMPs are active or in a latent phase.  MMP’s that are in the active phase cleave the protein Galectin-3, which is associated with tumor progression.  This technology consists of antibodies that recognize the cleaved and non-cleaved Galectin-3, thereby allowing determination of whether or not active MMPs are present.


Commercial Applications:

  • Diagnostic tool for monitoring MMP activity for anti-MMP therapies


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Competitive Advantages:

  • Can be applied to current antibody testing platforms, including ELISA, histochemistry, etc., in order to quickly prescreen clinical trial candidates
  • Help to revive failed compounds in past MMP inhibitor clinical trials
  • Help to identify the best candidates for new clinical trials for MMP inhibitor compounds


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Patent application filed


Related Publications or Citations of Work:

Nangia-Makker P, Raz T, Tait L, Hogan V, Fridman R, Raz A.  Galectic-3 cleavage:  a novel surrogate marker for matrix metalloproteinase activity in growing breast cancers.  Cancer Res. 2007 Dec 15;67(24):11760-8.


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Nicole Grynaviski
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Avraham Raz
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